11 små bebisar

nu är graviditeten över, 11 småttingar blev det. här får ni ett smakprov, mer bilder kommer sen.

eleven little cuties after troll and norris are here now, this is one of them. to be continued.. ; )


i found this on youtube. among this gorgeous puppies is my little hemi, well..he was little then. i can see now why they wished us good luck..damn you M & G, haha!


this is our new blog and we're gonna continue our trip here instead. the difference this time is my language, did you notice? well, many of our canario-friends doesn't understand swedish so i'll do them a favour now.

sometimes i'm gonna write about me and my very important issues in life, but then it will be in swedish..just use google translate if you are curious!

so, bye bye toxico - welcome "at troll's house"!